Welcome to Benton Park Math’s Methods page

Hello and welcome to the Benton Park maths methods page. This page can be used to consolidate existing maths methods or teach you new methods. To set up the page,  we have picked some children from KS2  to explain each of the calculation methods the school uses and demonstrate how to use them properly. In addition there are videos of school staff explaining ideas. And finally we have also put videos up from external sites.

The methods on each page are laid out in the order that they are taught starting the most basic at the top of the page to more advanced methods at the bottom. The children should be secure with a method before they move on to the next one.

The site will constantly be updated so if there is anything you want added that you think will help with your maths or your children’s maths, please let us know.

To use the site please use the buttons on the page-some of which will give you more options.

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