Year 6 revision

Video of the week!

The following videos have been highlighted as an area where a little more practise wouldn’t go a miss!
Mr.Shepherd, Mr.Cowen or Mrs.Powley will update it each week. There are, of course, other videos on the site. Use the tabs on the top to navigate.

Calculating with Fractions.

Adding and Subtracting with fractions

Multiplying fractions

Watch both videos!!

Once you’ve mastered how it works and why it works from above look at this

Dividing Fractions


3 digit x 1 digit

This video will help you go from an expanded method to a formal method. You may use an expanded method and not the grid, but you will be able to see the connections.

Formal Multiplication

Short Division

Division with Bigger Numbers

We will place here links to revision papers and websites that are free to access.

If you have an iPad at home we would recommend the thinking blocks APPs. Type thinking blocks into the APP store and download the APPs-they are free.

We would not advocate slaving through masses of revision rather little and often is better. You know your children and when they have had enough!

If you have any questions at all please do not hesitate to get in touch with myself, Mrs. Powley or Mr. Cowen.

The following is a resource accessed at school. It gives 2 questions a day. Children can download the Diagnostic questions APP on Android or on an iPad. They can then answer the 2 questions a day on the days they are not at school! Or they can click on the link and do it online.

Diagnostic Questions

The class code is

The following comes from Primary Maths made easy. It is free and comes with a set of answers. It is about calculation and does not cover reasoning. The packs come with answers and provide practise in batches of 5.

Revision Packs 1-5

The following is free times table practise. Also from Primary Maths made easy

Time Tables Booklet

The following site provides practise in both reasoning and arithmetic questions the children will face. The appearance is very like how the SATs papers will look. Click on the link.

e-maths papers

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